Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 248 (SMMJ 00248)

See entry at CPART and in Macomber ([Macomber A]; [Macomber B]) (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-13; SMC 2-13). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • Part A (20th Century) (Garshuni, Syriac)
    • Syrian Orthodox collection of miscellaneous liturgical pieces
      • f. 1r-2r Rite for the reconciliation of a penitent sinner
      • f. 2v-3v Order of the prayers of the hymns of the canon
      • f. 3v-4v Acrostic alphabetic hymn without title
      • f. 4v-5r A song on drinking; It is sung on the alphabet
  • ​​Part B (1474/5 CE) (Garshuni, Syriac)
    • Syrian Orthodox collection of miscellaneous liturgical pieces
      • f. 1r-42r Miscellaneous Liturgical Pieces
        • f. 1r-9r Shumlaya that the deacon proclaims in the offering of the Eucharist according to the modern revision of Melitene. This is a diaconal for the Mass.
        • f. 9r-10r Communion hymns for the Thursday of the Mysteries
        • f. 1r-23r Prayers, proemia, sedre, 'etre, and huttame that are learned by heart by a new priest when he is ordained.
          • f. 10r-11r Order of the Mother of God
          • f. 11r-12r Order of the Apostles
          • f. 12r-13r Order of the martyrs
          • f. 13r-14r Order of the Patron Saint
          • f. 14r-15r Communion order
          • f. 15r-16r Order of penitance
          • f. 16v-17v Order of the departed
          • f. 17v-19r Oder of the Cross
          • f. 19rv Order of the Resurrection
          • f. 19v-20r Order of Vespers
          • f. 20r-21r Order of Compline
          • f. 21r-22r Order of the night office
          • f. 22r-23r Order of Matins
          • f. 23rv Huttame of the other offices
        • f. 26r-32v Ordinary of the mass
        • f. 32v-33r Prayer for blessing of bread. A table grace.
        • f. 33r-39v Prayers of every kind
          • f. 33r-34r Prayers of vespers
          • f. 34r-35r Prayers of the "hymns of the Greek canon"
          • f. 35r-38v Miscellaneous prayers
          • f. 38v-39v Table prayers (Garshuni)
        • f. 39v-42r Two rhymed homilies for feasts (in Garshuni)
          • f. 39v-40v Homily on the feast of the Nativity
          • f. 40v-42r Homily on the Epiphany
        • f. 42r-45r Two questions of the Fathers
          • f. 42r Question that Bishop Severus asked of Bishop Jacob of Edessa: "How is God above all and below all, inside all and outside all and in all?"
          • f. 42v-45r Bishop John (?), Question concerning the dead after burial while he is doing penance (Garshuni)
        • f. 45v-48v Miracle that our Lady Mary, the Mother of God, worked
        • f. 48v A few epigrams
        • f. 49r-58r Four more rhymed homilies
          • f. 49r-52r Turjām of the blessed Fast
          • f. 52r-54r A pretty homily on the venerable crucifixion
          • f. 54r-56r Turjām of Ninevah and lections (?) of the prophet Jonah. A single rhymed composition
          • f. 56v-58r Turjām on the Resurrection
        • f. 58rv Two prayers: One for the patriarch and one for the sultan
        • f. 59r-61r Another rhymed homily: Turjām on the Dormition of our Lady the Virgin Mary
        • f. 61v-69r
        • f. 69v-73v Homily delivered by St. Jacob which he delivered on the thief of the right hand; read on the Friday of the Crucifixion
        • f. 73v-88v An abridged discouse on the true faith and on the hymns of the spiritual Church.
        • f. 89r-96r The questions of St. Basil and St. Gregory
        • f. 96r-112r Ten questions concerning which a certain disciple asked his master
          • f. 96rv Contents
          • f. 96v-112r Text
        • f. 112r-118r Homily delivered by Bishop Gregory (Pseudo-Gregory Nazianzus), on the destruction of this world and the departure of the soul from the body
    • f. 118v-148r The Apocalypse of Paul (Garshuni)
      • f. 148v Beginning of an unidentified item
Manuscript Name: 
SMMJ 00248
Garshuni, Syriac
Approximate Date: 
1475 CE
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