Welcome to Syri.ac!

Welcome to Syri.ac! This site aims to be a comprehensive annotated bibliography of open-access resources related to the study of Syriac. The primary goal of Syri.ac is to make research on Syriac literature, history, and culture as painless and direct as possible. The annotated bibliographies can be accessed through the list of authors and themes at the top right of the page (or through a dropdown menu on mobile devices). Each page offers direct links to editions and translations of the texts referenced. Our intention is to collate in one place a world-class scholarly library that can be accessed completely through the web.

Other tools for Syriac research are also available through the menu at the top of the page. The most significant is our database of Syriac manuscripts available in digitized form. The database is searchable and offers direct links to manuscripts, even specific folios of manuscripts, so that students and scholars can quickly consult high-quality images of physical Syriac texts online.

The site also offers a table of editions and translations of Syriac texts that are currently in progress. This is especially useful for connecting scholars working on the same texts or areas of Syriac research. This list is available in the top menu.

Also available via the top menu is a complete survey of available editions of the Syriac Bible, including the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and New Testament Apocrypha in Syriac.

Finally, all of the texts, editions, and translations cited anywhere on Syri.ac are collected in the searchable database of the Bibliography. This resource offers the ability to group published works by author, date, type, and subject. In the majority of cases the Bibliography provides direct links to complete online versions of the texts referenced, and each entry exists as its own independent, linkable page to be used in other online projects. The entries in the bibliography are all Zotero aware and can be downloaded in other bibliographical markup formats.

The site is hosted by the University of Oklahoma's Department of Classics and Letters and Office of the Vice-President for Research. It has received additional funding from Princeton University's Center for Digital Humanities. We are grateful to both universities for their foundational support of our project. Editorial work on this site is carried out by Scott Johnson (University of Oklahoma), Morgan Reed (Catholic University of America), and Jack Tannous (Princeton University).

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