Trichur, India, Chaldean Syrian Church 00011

  • fol. 1r-140v Syriac-Malayalam Garshuni Lexicon
    • Syriac-Malayalam Garshuni vocabulary for Pauline and Catholic Epistles and Revelation, fol. 1rA-18r
    • Pedro Gomez, Explanations of the vocabulary of Seven Sacraments of the Church fol. 18v-31r
    • Explanations of the vocabulary of a collection of canons for clerics, fol. 31r-34v
    • Two short texts on the history of Syrians and Indians in Syriac, fol. 34v-35v
    • Texts in Malayalam Garshuni, fol. 35r-37v

Trichur, India, Chaldean Syrian Church 00010

  • fol. 1v-180v Timothy I, Letters
    • To Shlemon, bishop of Ḥdatta, on baptism, fol. 1v-11v
    • Selected stories from the letters of Timothy I concerning baptism, fol. 11v-13v
    • To Buktišo‘ the deacon, fol. 13v-29v
    • Twenty-two letters to Sargis the Metropolitan of ‘Ilam, fol. 29v-55v
    • To Maranzka, Bishop of Nineveh, fol. 55v-59r
    • Seven letters to Sargis Rabban, fol. 60v-61v
    • To the priests and believers of Baṣra and Hublat, on the incarnation of Christ, fol. 61v-81v
    • To Nāṣēr the believer, fol. 81v-106v

Trichur, India, Chaldean Syrian Church 00009

  • fol. 1v-7r 'Abdishō bar Brīkā, The Book of the Pearl
  • fol. 7r-73v Solomon of Basra, The Book of the Bee
  • fol. 74r-212v Hagiographic works and apocrypha
    • Story of Zosimus, fol.74r-87v
    • Acts of Philip according to recension attributed to Philip of Carthage, fol.87v-97r
    • Story of a penitent demon, fol. 97r-99r
    • Story of a disciple who was killed by his teacher, fol. 99v-101v
    • Story of Yohannan Bar Malke, fol. 101v-108r
    • Story of Virgin Mary, fol. 108r-141v
    • Story of John the Baptist, fol. 141v-144r


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