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Modern Grammars

This is the standard Syriac grammar in any European language. One frequent complaint of users of Nöldeke’s Syriac grammar is that there is no index, but the PDF can be searched. The German original (2nd ed.) is also available:

Further, Nöldeke’s Mandäische Grammatik is useful for those interested in other Aramaic dialects, as is his grammar of the Neo-Aramaic of Urmia:


This is the other great modern grammar of Syriac, after Nöldeke’s. It contains material which cannot be found in Nöldeke; it is especially useful for the extensive paradigms at the beginning.


This is also an important grammar, though only the second edition is in the public domain. (It was revised several more times.) Brockelmann has a nice Chrestomathy and useful paradigms, though one may prefer those of Duval. Goshen-Gottstein published a Syriac-English glossary, based on the texts of Brockelmann's Chrestomathy, which can be very useful if you are reading a text (e.g., the Life of Rabbula) found in the Chrestomathy. 



This edition was translated into English from Nestle's German original German grammar:

Nestle’s bibliography is one of the quickest and easiest guides to early printed material in Syriac.





Historical Grammars in Syriac