Vat. sir. 41 pt. 2

ff. 269-end; See entry in Assemani

  • Expedient baptism of a child near to death
  • Order for the holy festival of the Sunday of Pentecost
  • Order for the ordination of the monastic habit
  • A prayer of the monastic Cucullus
  • A prayer for the tonsure of men and women
  • A prayer for the Great Habit
  • Order of absolution
  • Prayer for an abbess
  • Benediction of the waters according to the Greek rite
  • Order for the blessing of a bride and groom
  • Order for the funeral according to the Greek rite
  • Order of Vespers, of Dominical feasts, and of Sundays
  • Order of Nocturns
  • Order for the liturgy of the sacred oil of the lamps
  • Various benedictions, obligations, and absolutions
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Vat. sir. 41 pt. 2
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