Lexica and Glossaries

Vat. sir. 194

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Elijah of Nisibis, Syriac Grammar
  • John bar Zo'bi, Syriac Grammar
  • John bar Zo'bi, On seven sections  of prayer
  • Bar Malkon, Poetic grammar
  • Distinction of sounds, homonyms
  • Elijah of Nisibis, Syriac and Arabic Nomenclature
  • Ishō' bar 'Alī

Vat. sir. 187

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 'Abdisho' of Nisibis, Interpretation of the 'Onyatha of Simeon of Sancalabar
  • Exposition of the obscure places in the Gospels
  • Exposition on certain places in Genesis and Exodus
  • Etymologies of Syriac words
  • A question of Macarius the Solitary and answer of Joshua bar Nun, Patriarch of the Chaldeans
  • Questions and answers from the Scriptures from Theodore of Mopsuestia


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