Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00397)

See Scher's note on Diyarbakir 71

  • f. 1r-3r Narsai, Homily
  • f. 3r-9v Narsai, Homily 21: On Holy Week
  • f. 9v + 11r-17r Narsai, Homily 22: On the Passion
  • f. 10r-10v Narsai, Homily 15: On resurrection
  • f. 10v Narsai, Homily 16: On Lent I
  • f. 17r-26r Narsai, Homily 23: On Christ washing the disciples' feet
  • f. 26r-31 Narsai, Homily 24: On the repentant thief
  • f. 31r-38v Narsai, Homily 25: On the Mysteries and baptism
  • f. 38v-44v Narsai, Homily 26: On Baptism
  • f. 44r-49r Narsai, Homily 27: On Easter
  • f. 49r-57r Narsai, Homily 28: On Confessors
  • f. 57r-63r Narsai, Homily 29: On the three children
  • f. 63r-65v Narsai, Homily 30: On martyrs
  • f. 65v-72v Narsai, Homily 31: On New Saturday
  • f. 72v-78r Narsai, Homily 32: On Ascension
  • f. 78r-83r Narsai, Homily 33: On Pentecost
  • f. 83r-90r Narsai, Homily 34: On workers in a vineyard
  • f. 90r-98r Narsai, Homily 35: On the Antichrist
  • f. 98r-104r Narsai, Homily 36: On the Bronze Serpent
  • f. 104r-110r Narsai, Homily 37: On the dedication of the Church
  • f. 110r-116v Narsai, Homily 38: On Isaiah's Vision
  • f. 116v-122r Narsai, Homily 39: On the Church and priesthood
  • f. 122r-127r Narsai, Homily 40: On the dedication of a church
  • f. 127r-129r Isho'yahb III, Homily 41: On the dedication of a church
  • f. 129r-141r Disciple of Mar Elijah, Homily 42: For the commemoration fo Mar Elijah, the head of the hermits in Nineveh
  • f. 141r-148v Narsai, Homily 43: On the Acts
  • f. 148v-156v Narsai, Homily 44: On the Second Coming
Manuscript Name: 
CCM 00397
Approximate Date: 
1500 CE
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