Mardin, Turkey, Chaldean Cathedral (CCM)

Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00499)

  • f. 1r-21v Burial rite for the baptized children
  • f. 22r-24v Madrasha
  • f. 24v-36v Madrasha for all the ecclesiastical degrees
  • f. 37r-40r Readings from Paul's Epistles appropriate for burial rites
  • f. 40r-48r Readings from the Gospels appropriate for burial rites
  • f. 48r-64v Consolatory prayers
  • f. 64v-75r Canonic regulations regarding the dead
  • f. 75r-76r Dismissal prayers
  • f. 76r-78r Rites of the sanctification of water


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