Harvard Ms Syr 99

Catalog entry

  • ff. 1v-76v Didascalia apostolorum
  • ff. 76-92v First epistle of Clement to the Corinthians
  • ff. 92v-93v Letter of James of Jerusalem to Quadratus
  • ff. 93v-96v Letters of Herod and Pilate 
  • ff. 96v-103v Hypomnemata of our Lord
  • ff. 103v-106v The teaching of Peter in Rome
  • ff. 107r-111v Letter of Dionysius of Athens to Timothy on the deaths of Peter and Paul
  • ff. 111v-117r Extracts from various Fathers
  • ff. 117r-120r Severus on the synods
  • ff. 120r-120v Letter that the Jews wrote to the emperor Marcion about the Synod of Chalcedon
  • ff. 120v-122v Short texts by Philoxenus
  • ff. 122v Creed of orthodox Christians
  • ff. 122v-124v Letter of John bar Shushan against Chalcedon
  • ff. 124v-126v Easy questions against the Chalcedonians
  • ff. 126v-128r Diagrams explaining theology and christology
  • ff. 128v-131v Disputation against the Nestorians
  • ff. 131v Cyril against anyone who keeps a book from a reader
  • ff. 132r-146v Prophecies of the pagan philosophers 
  • ff. 147r-148r 6 questions of Jacob of Edessa
  • ff. 148r-150v Riddles from the Old Testament
  • ff. 150v-151r Under which kings each of the prophets prophesied
  • ff. 151r-154r On the foundation of the true faith which we have received from the apostles etc.
  • ff. 154r On what the Jews wrote above the cross of Christ
  • ff. 154r-155r From the story of Peter the Iberian, that one should not give up hope of God's mercy
  • ff. 155r-157r Severus, from a letter to Thomas of Germanica on the Epistle of Jude
  • ff. 157r-160r Short sections on the eucharist, baptism, etc.
  • ff. 160r-162r On the prophets
  • ff. 162r-163r Jacob of Edessa on the seven spirits of Isaiah 11.2
  • ff. 163 r/v Ephrem on the dove that Noah sent out from the ark
  • ff. 163v-174r Answers to questions, including extracts from various Fathers
  • ff. 174v Diagram of the ten commandments
  • ff. 174v-178r Various other short sections on Old Testament exegesis
  • ff. 178r-181v Jacob of Edessa on the heavenly powers
  • ff. 181v-188v The orthodox teachers on the souls of human beings, and other short extracts
  • ff. 188v-190r Letter of Cyril of Jerusalem on the rebuilding of the temple by the Jews
  • ff. 190r-191r Extracts from Puman, John, Cyril and Basil
  • ff. 191r-201r Explanations of Ephrem on various matters from the Law
  • ff. 201r Colophon 
Manuscript Name: 
Harvard Ms Syr 99
Approximate Date: 
1889 CE
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