Harvard MS Syr 38

Catalog Entry

  • 1. Story of Mar Shaliṭa (ff. 83r-111v; beginning in the middle of chapter 4)
  • 2. The triumph, that is a small part of the story of Mar Aksenaya who is Mar Philoxenus (111v-121v)
  • 3. Story of the chosen apostle Mar Thoma who evangelized India (122r-174r)
  • 4. Triumph of Mar Yoḥanan Daylamaya whose monastery is in Persia near the city of Reʼgan (175r-186v)
  • 5. Story of Mar Eulogios of the lion (ʼAryaya) from the company of Mar Awgen (187r-236v)
  • 6. Story of Mar Yoḥanan of Kpane which is above the town of Zaʼz (236v; breaking off after this leaf).
Manuscript Name: 
Harvard MS Syr 38
Arabic, Syriac
Approximate Date: 
1448 CE
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