Saints' Lives and Martyrologies

Trichur, India, Chaldean Syrian Church 00009

  • fol. 1v-7r 'Abdishō bar Brīkā, The Book of the Pearl
  • fol. 7r-73v Solomon of Basra, The Book of the Bee
  • fol. 74r-212v Hagiographic works and apocrypha
    • Story of Zosimus, fol.74r-87v
    • Acts of Philip according to recension attributed to Philip of Carthage, fol.87v-97r
    • Story of a penitent demon, fol. 97r-99r
    • Story of a disciple who was killed by his teacher, fol. 99v-101v
    • Story of Yohannan Bar Malke, fol. 101v-108r
    • Story of Virgin Mary, fol. 108r-141v
    • Story of John the Baptist, fol. 141v-144r

Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 202 (SMMJ 00202)

Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • fol. 1v-23v Story of John bar Malke
  • fol. 23v-47r Story of Archelides
  • fol. 47r-64v Story of Mark of Jabal Tarmaq
  • fol. 64v-94v Story of Paul of Cnidus and John of Edessa
  • fol. 95r-99r Story of the woman from Jerusalem and her five sons
  • fol. 99r-127v Story of Yareth of Alexandria
  • fol. 128r-143r Story of Hilaria, daughter of Zeno
  • fol. 143r-149r Story of the Virgin Mary
  • fol. 149v-151v Story of Marina


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