Bibliothèque nationale de France

BnF arabe 53

  • Syrian Rite, Liturgy; New Testament
  • f. 1r-1v Georgian text
  • f. 2-9v Table of Pericopes
  • f. 10v-65v Gospel of St. Matthew
  • f. 66-102 Gospel of St. Mark
  • f. 103-165v Gospel of St. Luke
  • f. 167-220 Gospel of St. John

BnF arabe 6734

Collection of treatises on medicine translated from the Greek text of Hippocrates

  • f. 1-19r Book on General Maladies (Arabic)
  • f. 19v-29r Extracts
  • f. 29v-128r Aphorisms of Hippocrates in Syriac and Arabic


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