BnF syr. 234

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  • Collection of the lives of saints, of the martyrs, and of the pious
    • f. 1r-18v History of St. Bishoy
    • f. 9-12r History of St. Macarius
    • f. 12v-29 History of St. Behnam
    • f. 29-61 History of Dioscorus
    • f. 61-62 Summary of the vision of Zosimus
    • f. 62-79 History of St. Mary the Egyptian
    • f. 80-84 History of Maximus and of Demetrius
    • f. 84-92r History of Isaiah of Aleppo
    • f. 92v- 94 History of Abraham of the high mountain
    • f. 95-103 History of Serapion
    • f. 104-127r History of John the Merciful
    • f. 127v-130r History of John the Monk of Antioch
    • f. 130v-135r Letter (Ps.-)Dionysius the Areopagite to St. Timothy about the martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul
    • f. 135v-146r History of Eustathius
    • f. 146v-153r History of James Intercissus
    • f. 153v-156r History of a virgin and infant in Alexandria
    • f. 156v-164 History of Archelides of Constantinople
    • f. 165-166 History of Maria (Marina)
    • f. 167-172 History of Jacob of Nisibis (by Theodoret)
    • f. 172-186r History of Abraham Qidunaya and of his niece (attributed to Ephrem Syrus)
    • f. 186v-210r History of the image of Jesus Christ which the Jews made at Tiberius, by Deacon Philotheus
    • f. 210v-213r History of Martinianus
    • f. 213v-221r History of Euphrosinus of Alexandria
    • f. 221v-228 Essays and examples on the adherence to the day of Friday
    • f. 229-230r History of a bishop who denied Christ and afterward did penance
    • f. 230v-238r History of John Bar-Malke
    • f. 238v-260 History of Joseph and of his brothers
    • f. 261-265 Martyrdom of Mamas
    • f. 266-270r History of the martyrdom of the Himyarites of Najran
    • f. 270v-273 History of Peter the Publican
    • f. 274-280r History of Shemuni and her seven sons
    • f. 280v-287v History of Mark, the Christian merchant, and of Gaspard the Persian pagan
    • f. 288-290 History of a rich man who lost all his children and his poor neighbor
    • f. 291-292 History of the old woman of Jerusalem and her five sons
    • f. 293-294 History of Protonike, wife of Emperor Claudius and the discovery of the true cross
    • f. 295-298 History of Fausta, the virgin of Cyzicus
    • f. 299r-299v History of a virgin from Jerusalem
    • f. 299v-307v History of Euphemia and her daughter, Sophie
    • f. 308-317r History of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste
    • f. 317v-325 History of the apostles Matthew and Andrew and their preaching in the country of Beth-Kalbin
    • f. 326r-332r History of a holy man of Rome
    • f. 332v-337 Second part of the history of St. Alexei
    • f. 338-339 History of the discovery of the head of Paul
    • f. 339-344 History of a religious woman who was dwelling in a convent and was considered to be different and pure
    • f. 345 ff. Lives of the Desert Fathers
      • f. 345-376 Life of St. Anthony 
      • f. 376-416 Life of St. Macarius
      • f. 416-440r Life of St. Pachomius
      • f. 440v-443r History of a man who was living in a tree
      • f. 443v-450r History of John the Nazirite
      • f. 450v ff. History of the two brothers, Abraham and Maron
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BnF syr. 234
Approximate Date: 
1192 CE
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