BnF syr. 283

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  • Rite of the Church of the East
    • f. 1r-24r Prayers of Priests
    • f. 24v-47r Liturgy of the 12 Apostles
    • f. 48v-56 Liturgy of Theodore of Mopsuestia
    • f. 57-73 Liturgy of Nestorius
    • f. 74-96 Rite of baptism by Mar Isho'yahb
    • f. 97-102 Rite of absolution by Mar Isho'yahb
    • f. 103v-107 various prayers
    • f. 108-109r Benediction for cleansing defiled water
    • f. 109v-113 Rite of the renewal of the leaven
    • f. 114-115r Benediction of the chalice
    • f. 115v-119 Rite of vows
    • f. 120-135r Consecration of an altar without the use of holy chrism
    • f. 135v-140r Calendar for finding moveable feasts
    • f. 140v-151 Final benedictions which one sings at the door of the choir by 'Abdisho', metropolitan of Nisibis
    • f. 152-158r Other benedictions of 'Abdisho'
    • f. 158v-165r Other benedictions of 'Abdisho', bishop of Gazarta
    • f. 165v ff. Benedictions by the priest, Israel of Alqosh
Manuscript Name: 
BnF syr. 283
Approximate Date: 
1684 CE
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