Jacob of Sarug, Histories

Vat. sir. 464 pt. 1

  • Binding
  • IIr-IIIr French Table of Contents
  • f. 1r Fragment of a homily 
  • f. 1v-3r Syriac Table of Contents
  • f. 3v-19r Ephrem Syrus, Memre
    • f. 3v-6r On the Love of Wisdom
    • f. 6r-9v On Discipline
    • f. 9v-10v On Sleep
    • f. 11r-16r On Humility
    • f. 16r 19r On the Observance of Moral Behavior
  • f. 19r-45v Works of Mar Isaac
    • f. 19r-21v On Penitence
    • f. 21v-26v On Gentleness toward one's Brothers
    • f. 26v-37v On Sparrows
    • f. 37v-43v On Humility and Poverty
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