Vat. sir. 464 pt.2

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  • f. 126r-148v Second part of Jacob of Sarug, Memre (continued from Vat. sir. 464 pt. 1)
    • f. 126r-133r The second part of On Bassus and his Companions (continued from Vat. sir. 464 pt. 1)
    • f. 133r-136v On the Outsiders
    • f. 136v-148v On the Creation of Adam
  • f. 148v-154r Ephrem Syrus, On Humility
  • f. 154v Ephrem Syrus, A brief excerpt
  • f. 155r-246v First part of Jacob of Sarug, Memre (Continued on Vat. sir. 464 pt. 3)
    • f. 155r-156v On the Observance of Commandments
    • f. 156v Extract from a Homily by Jacob
    • f. 157r-157v On the Vision of Jacob
    • f. 157v-163v On the Consecration of the Church
    • f. 163v-174r On the Cherubim
    • f. 174r-184v On the Questions of our Lord
    • f. 184v-195v On Simeon the Stylite
    • f. 196r-205r On Joseph
    • f. 2054-224r On Jonah and Ninevah
    • f. 224r-228r On the Three Youths
    • f. 228r-238r On the Love of our Lord
    • f. 238r-243v On Fasting
    • f. 243v-246v The First part of On the Prodigal Son (Continued on Vat. sir. 464 pt. 3)
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 464 pt.2
Approximate Date: 
1234 CE
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