Harvard Ms Syr 115

Catalog entry

  • ff. 1-7r Blank
  • ff. 7v-8r John of Dalyatha, Apology
  • ff. 8r-54r John of Dalyatha, Homilies numbered 1-24
  • ff. 54r-56v Chapters (sic) of knowledge, numbered 25
  • ff. 56v-97r John of Dalyatha, Letters numbered 1-51
  • ff. 97r-124r John of Dalyatha, Chapters of knowledge
  • ff. 124r-126r John of Dalyatha, Diverse chapters by the same author
  • ff. 126r-127r John of Dalyatha, Madrashe by the same author
  • ff. 127r/v John of Dalyatha, Apology by the author's brother
  • ff. 127v-128r John of Dalyatha, The author to his brother
  • ff. 128r-129r Extract of David the Phoenician
  • ff. 129r Colophon
  • ff. 129v-130r Extract from Jacob of Serug
Manuscript Name: 
Harvard Ms Syr 115
Approximate Date: 
1889 CE
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