Vat. sir. 140

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  • f. 1r-2v Paul of Kallinikos, [Translator's] Preface
  • f. 2v [First] epistle of Julian of Halicarnassis to Severus of Antioch (CPG 7026)
  • f. 2v-3r Severus the Patriarch's [first] response to Julian (CPG 7026)
  • f. 3r Second epistle of Julian to Severus the Patriarch (CPG 7026)
  • f. 3r-5r [Second] response of Severus to Julian (CPG 7026)
  • f. 5r-6r Third epistle of Julian to Severus (CPG 7026)
  • f. 6r-20r [Third] epistle of Severus, the Patriarch of Antioch, to Julian, Bishop of Halicarnassis (CPG 7026)
  • f. 20v-60v The book of Severus the Archbishop of Antioch against Julian, Bishop of Halicarnassis (CPG 7027)
  • f. 60v-66r Severus, the Patriarch of Antioch, Eight Questions of the Heretics (CPG 7028)
  • f. 66r-68v Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, Epistle to the Eastern Monks (CPG 7070.2)
  • f. 68v-100r Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, Apology against the additions of Julian (CPG 7029)
  • f. 100r-108r Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, The Anathematisms of Julian and the Responses of Severus (CPG 7030)
  • f. 108r-145r Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, The Philalethe (CPG 7031)
  • f. 145v Colophon
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 140
Approximate Date: 
528 CE
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