Vat. sir. 135

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  • f. 1v-6r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Letter to Abbot Simeon on the translation of the Psalter from Greek into Syriac
  • f. 6r-13v A reply from Abbot Simeon to Barlaha. Fol. 6a
  • f. 13v-17r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter concerning Faith
  • f. 17r-19v Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter to Emperor Zeno on the incarnation of God the Word
  • f. 19v-24r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Letter to the Monks of Beth Gogal
  • f. 24r-27r Bishop Simeon of Beth Arsham, A Letter concerning Barsauma and the Heresies of the Nestorians
  • f. 27r-27v The Names of the Catholis in the Land of the Persians from the Apostles to the Shah Peroz (459-84)
  • f. 27v-28r Responses of the Blessed Mor Severus
  • f. 28r-57v Florilegium
  • f. 57v-71v Florilegium
  • f. 71v-77r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Dispute with a learned Nestorian concerning Ephesians 1:17
  • f. 77r-80v Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, A Disputation on the Nestorians and the Orthodox
  • f. 80v-87r An explication of the blasphemy of the Manicheans 
  • f. 87r-92r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Another against the Nestorians
  • f. 92r-93r Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, Another set of responses against the two natures
  • f. 93r-100r Jacob of Sarug, Letter to Isaac of Gabula
  • f. 100r-102v Sayings of the Philosophers
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 135
Approximate Date: 
700 CE
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