History and Religion in Late Antique Syria

TitleHistory and Religion in Late Antique Syria
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsDrijvers, HJW
CityAldershot Brookfield
ISBN Number9780860784517
OCLC Number877993209
KeywordsSyriac Studies Introduction

Contents: Syriac Christianity: Jews and Christians at Edessa; Syrian Christianity and Judaism; Apocryphal literature in the cultural milieu of OsrhoA"ne; Taufe und Liecht: Tatian, EbionAerevangelium und Thomasakten; Early forms of Antiochene Christology after Chalcedon; The Peshitta of Sapientia Salomonis; Solomon as teacher: early Syriac didactic poetry; Athleten des Geistes: zur politischen Rolle der syrischen Asketen und Gnostiker; The saint as symbol: conceptions of the person in late antiquity and early Christianity; Der getaufte LA we und Theologie der Acta Pauli; Marcionism: Marcionism in Syria: principles, problems, polemics; Marcion's reading of Gal. 4,8: philosophical background and influence on Manichaeism; Christ as warrior and merchant: aspects of Marcion's christology; Adam and the true prophet in the Pseudo-Clementines; Manichaeism: Addai und Mani. Christentum und ManichAismus im dritten Jahrhundert in Syrien; Conflict and alliance in Manichaeism; Syriac Christianity and Islam: Antony of Tagrit's book on the good providence of God; The Gospel of the twelve apostles: a Syriac apocalypse from the early Islamic period; Christians, Jews and Muslims in northern Mesopotamia in early Islamic times; Addenda; Index.

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