Vat. sir. 68

Catalog entry in Assemani

East Syrian Beth Gazzā (Common Breviary)

  • f. 1v-211v Beth Gazzā
  • f. 212r-222v Deacon's Office Book
  • f. 223r-227v The Order of Expiation
  • f. 228r-235r Diverse prayers for Vespers
  • f. 235v-248r The Order of the Liturgy
  • f. 248v-251r Prayers and Psalms
  • f. 251v-252v The heavenly and ecclesiastical hierarchy
  • f. 252v-253v The procession of the cross
  • f. 254r-254v The Easter Procession
  • f. 262v-263v Calendar of Saints
  • f. 264r-265r Table of movable feasts
  • f. 265v Formulary for a pastoral epistle
  • f. 265v The Scribe Lazarus, on the year, andits weeks and days
  • f. 266r Idem, On the sign of the year
  • f. 266r-267r On the day and month of Adam's creation
  • f. 267v Names of the 24 prophets
  • f. 268v ff. The creed of Nicea and Constantinople
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 68
Approximate Date: 
1465 CE
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