Vat. sir. 66

Catalog entry in Assemani

Chaldean ordinal translated from Latin into Syriac

  • Ordination of the door-keepers
  • Ordination of the Lectors
  • Ordination of exorcists
  • Ordination of acolytes
  • Ordination of subdeacons
  • Ordination of Deacons
  • Ordination of Presbyters
  • Order of Absolution
  • Prayers
  • On the wood (of the table)
  • Consecration of the altar
  • Consecration when the altar was desecrated
  • Consecration of the altar without chrism
  • Blessing over the chalice
  • Diaconal ordination
  • Ordination of a presbyter
  • Service of the habit of a monk
  • Service of the tonsure of a monk
  • Service of the tonsure of holy women
  • Admonition on temporal ordination
  • 'Onyatha during the tonsure of monks
  • Benediction for when the Bishop departs a city
  • Benediction for when a Bishop enters a monastery
  • Benediction for when a bishop leaves a monastery
  • Prayer for an abbot 
  • Ḥutāmē at the end of a liturgy
  • A form of consecration for the bread and wine (from Latin into Syriac)
  • The Liturgy of the Blessed Apostles
  • The Liturgy of Theodore the commentator of the Divine Books
  • 12-syllable verses for common days during the liturgy
  • Absolution
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 66
Approximate Date: 
1545 CE
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