Vat. sir. 584

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  • f. 1v-56v History of Rabban bar 'Idta by Abraham of Zabe
  • f. 56v Colophon by the copyist Joseph Abuna, son of Thomas, son of fire, the deacon of Sifa, son of priest Peter, residents of Alqos, who finished this transciption the 20th of Adar, 1899, in the eays of Pope Leon (XIII) and of Mar 'Abdiso, catholicos and patriarch of the east
  • f. 60v-64r varia on the Yazidi (the country on Sigar, customs and diverse prohibitions, the messiah)
  • f. 64v-96v Beliefs and customs of the Yazidi, on the form of questions and responses
  • f. 96v the same Joseph finished the manuscript the 6th year of Ayyar 1899
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 584
Approximate Date: 
1899 CE
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