Vat. sir. 498

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  • f. 4v-22r Narsai, On the manifestation of God to Abraham
  • f. 22r-39v Narsai, Another discourse for Advent
  • f. 49r-51v Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 51v-62v Narsai, On the Holy Virgin
  • f. 62v-64v Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 64v-75r Narsai, On the Epiphany
  • f. 75r-77r Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 77r-87r Narsai, On John the Baptist
  • f. 87r-89r Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 89r-102v Narsai, On Saints Peter and Paul
  • f. 102v-112r Narsai, On the Four Evangelists
  • f. 1123-117v Narsai, On Saint Stephen
  • f. 117v-133r Narsai, On Diodore, Theodore, and Nestorius
  • f. 133v-135r Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 135r-144r Narsai, On Lent
  • f. 144r-154v Narsai, On the temptation of our Savior
  • f. 154v-156v Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 156v-167r Narsai, On the celebration of the Hosannah
  • f. 167r-175r Narsai, On Palm Sunday, Against the Jews
  • f. 180r-182r Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 182r-190r Narsai, On holy Thursday
  • f. 190r-198r Narsai, On the passion
  • f. 198r-206v Narsai, On the good thief
  • f. 206v-216v Narsai, On the mysteries and baptism
  • f. 216v-223v Narsai, On Easter
  • f. 223v Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 223v-234r Narsai, On the Friday of the confessors
  • f. 234r-236r Narsai, Accompanying Sogitha
  • f. 236r-244r Narsai, On the youths in the furnace
  • f. 244r-251r Narsai, On the Ascension
  • f. 251r-259r Narsai, On the Pentecost
  • f. 259r-265v Narsai, On the celebration of the dedication
  • f. 265v-272v David the scholastic, On the discovery of the cross
  • f. 272v-273v Colophon
  • f. 274r-309v Narsai, Four memre on Joseph, son of Jacob
  • f. 309v Colophon
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 498
Approximate Date: 
1890 CE
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