Vat. sir. 497

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  • Binding
  • f. 2v Dedicatory note
  • f. 4v-17r John bar Penkaye, From the Creation to the Flood
  • f. 17r-32r John bar Penkaye, From the Flood until the destruction of Babel by Cyrus
  • f. 32v-50r John bar Penkaye, From the end of the captivity of the Jews until Antiochus
  • f. 50v-71r John bar Penkaye, The fulfillment of prophecies, the dissolution of Alexander's Empire, and the reign of Pacorus
  • f. 71r-86v John bar Penkaye, On demons and false gods
  • f. 86v-109r John bar Penkaye, On the books of the Old Testament: their content, doctrine, value, and their points of contact with the books of the New Testament
  • f. 109r-134 John bar Penkaye, Similar considerations to those of the previous section
  • f. 134r-152r John bar Penkaye, Following the previous section
  • f. 152r-167v John bar Penkaye, On the gods among different peoples
  • f. 168r-284v John bar Penkaye, History from the New Testament period to 686 CE
  • f. 284v-285v Colophon
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 497
Approximate Date: 
1900 CE
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