Vat. sir. 469

  • Binding
  • Table of the Sermons of Ephrem Syrus
  • f. 1v-123r Sermons of Ephrem Syrus
  • f. 123r-123v Colophon
  • f. 124r-132r Barhebraeus, Wonders of Creation
    • f. 124r-125r First day
    • f. 125r-125v Second day
    • f. 125v-127r Third day
    • f. 127r-128r Fourth day
    • f. 128r-130r Fifth day
    • f. 130r-132r Sixth day
  • f. 132v-151v Barhebraeus, Treatise on metals, taken from the crème of the sciences of Barhebraeus
    • f. 132v-136v Chapter 1
    • f. 136v-140r Chapter 2
    • f. 140r-141r Chapter 3
    • f. 141r-147r Chapter 4
    • f. 147r 151v Chapter 5
  • f. 151v-152v Sayings against exile, preceded (151v) and followed by (152v) a short lexicon of foreign words
  • f. 154r-154v Fragment of a grammar
  • f. 155r-155v Fragment of a magic text
  • Binding
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 469
Approximate Date: 
1804 CE
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