Vat. sir. 464 pt. 3

  • Binding
  • f. 247r-274v Second part of Jacob of Sarug, Memre (continued from Vat. sir. 464 pt. 2)
    • f. 247r-258v Second part of On the Prodigal Son (continued from Vat. sir. 464 pt. 2)
    • f. 259r-265r On the Son of the Widow
    • f. 265r-274r On the Disavowal of St. Peter
  • f. 275r Ephrem Syrus, On the Crucifixion
  • f. 275r-348v Jacob of Sarug, Memre
    • f. 275r-287r On Constantine and the Council of Nicea
    • f. 287r-295v On the Man who Made a Feast for His Son
    • f. 295v-308r On Lazarus and the Rich Man
    • f. 308r-316r On the Rich Man and the Poor Man
    • f. 316v-325v On Discipline
    • f. 325v-335r On Discipline
    • f. 335r-348v On the Five Talents
  • f. 335r-348v Colophon
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 464 pt. 3
Approximate Date: 
1234 CE
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