Vat. sir. 46

Catalog entry in Assemani

Chaldean Pontifical

  • Ordination of Vigil Priests and Deacons
  • Ordination of the Chorbishop
  • Ordination of the Metropolitan by the Catholicos
  • Order of confession, grace, and absolution
  • Beneditions by the chief priests on the towns or villages from which they depart
  • Order of the consecration of a new table
  • Admonition about gluttony
  • Benediction which the Bishop or Metropolitan performs for his diocese, made by the Archdeacon, Mar Barmeshiha
  • Benediction the chief priests perform after the washing of his hands, of Mar Elijah III
  • The work of Hannana
  • The necessary Huttama of the departed
  • The way of celebrating Dominical feasts
  • Compline of the table in the metrics which are according to the letters of the alphabet
  • The order, or admonition of the tonsure of monks
  • The morning office of the nativity of our Lord on the 25th of Kanon I
  • Office of the Sunday of the Resurrection
  • Hymns for Sunday and the Dominical feasts and all the commemorations of the year
  • Winter Odes for the year
  • Order of the Husoyo for apostates by Mar Isho'yahb (III), Catholicos Patriarch
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Vat. sir. 46
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