Vat. sir. 366

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  • f. 1v-7v Isaac of Antioch, On the Censure of Conscience (Bedjan 566-576)
  • f. 7v-14v Isaac of Antioch, On Supplication (Bedjan 576-587)
  • f. 14v-21r Isaac of Antioch, On the Destruction of Beth Hur I (Bedjan 587-598)
  • f. 21r-29r Isaac of Antioch, On the Destruction of Beth Hur II (Bedjan 598-612)
  • f. 29r-34v Isaac of Antioch, On Apostates (Bedjan 612-662)
  • f. 34v-39r Isaac of Antioch, On Repentance (Bedjan 127-134)
  • f. 39r-45r Isaac of Antioch, On Poverty, which is true freedom 
  • f. 45r-48r Isaac of Antioch, An Admonition (Bedjan 145-152)
  • f. 48r-51r Isaac of Antioch, On Those who Accuse each other at Prayer and at Liturgy (Bedjan 153-158)
  • f. 51r-59r Isaac of Antioch, On the Lenten Fast I (Bedjan 158-170)
  • f. 59r-64v Isaac of Antioch, On the Lenten Fast II (Bedjan 171-180)
  • f. 64v-72v Isaac of Antioch, On the Natural Composition of Humanity (Bedjan 239-253)
  • f. 72v-92r Isaac of Antioch, An Admonition (Bedjan 180-213)
  • f. 92r-106v Isaac of Antioch, An Admonition (Bedjan 213-239)
  • f. 106v-112r Isaac of Antioch, On Variations of the World and of the Mind (Bedjan 642-651)
  • f. 112r-114v Isaac of Antioch, On Almsgiving (Bedjan 651-655)
  • f. 115r-118v Isaac of Antioch, On Repentance (Bedjan 253-259)
  • f. 118v-124r Isaac of Antioch, On Faith (Bedjan 655-664)
  • f. 124r-131r Isaac of Antioch, On Repentance (Bedjan 259-271)
  • f. 131r-138v Isaac of Antioch, On Supplication I (Bedjan 271-283)
  • f. 138v-145r Isaac of Antioch, On supplication II (Bedjan 284-295)
  • f. 145r-147v Isaac of Antioch, On Supplication III (Bedjan 664-668)
  • f. 147v-151r Isaac of Antioch, On "God does everything as a help" (Bedjan 669-674)
  • f. 151r-162r Isaac of Antioch, On the Saying of the Secular Poet, "Who ruined me and built me up?" (Bedjan 674-691)
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 366
Approximate Date: 
1700 CE
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