Vat. sir. 158

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  • Binding
  • f. 1v Preface to Porphyrius Tyrius, Isagoge
  • f. 2r-16r Porphyrius Tyrius, Isagoge [Leaves missing between f. 1-2]
  • f. 16r Colophon
  • f. 16r-26r Visual overview of the Isagoge
  • f. 26v-27r Preface to the Works of Aristotle
  • f. 27r-27v Life of Aristotle
  • f. 27v-36v Aristotle, Categories
  • f. 36v-67v Commentary of Jacob of Edessa on Aristotle's Categories
  • f. 67v-95v Aristotle, De Interpretatione
  • f. 95v-107r Aristotle, Analytics Book 1
  • f. 107-131r Commentary on Porphyrius Tyrius's Isagoge
  • f. 131r-135r On Letters to Priests and Deacons
  • Binding
Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 158
Approximate Date: 
800 CE
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