Vat. sir. 114

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  • Binding
  • f. 1r-45r Jacob of Sarug, Ten memre on Moses
  • f. 45r-51r Jacob of Sarug, On the Veil of Moses
  • f. 51r-56r Jacob of Sarug, On Balaam and Balak
  • f. 56r-61r Jacob of Sarug, On the blessed Phinehas, who prayed and kept back the plague
  • f. 61r-65v Jacob of Sarug, On the brazen serpent that Moses set up in the desert
  • f. 65v-70r Jacob of Sarug, On those two small birds that were required by the law (Leviticus 14)
  • f. 70r-76r Jacob of Sarug, On those two kids that were required by the law (Leviticus 16)
  • f. 76r-80v Jacob of Sarug, On the red heifer that was required by the law (Numbers 19)
  • f. 80v-81r Jacob of Sarug, On the separation of foods
  • f. 81r-87r Jacob of Sarug, On Rahab the Harlot (Joshua 2)
  • f. 87r-90v Jacob of Sarug, On Joshua bar Nun
  • f. 90v-93v Jacob of Sarug, Another on Joshua bar Nun (incipit illegible) 
  • f. 94r-104r Jacob of Sarug, On Gideon
  • f. 104r-110v Jacob of Sarug, On Samson
  • f. 110v-114r Jacob of Sarug, Second [memra] on Samuel and on the fall of the chosen
  • f. 114r-126v Jacob of Sarug, On the Ark of the Covenant, when the Philistines took it (1 Samuel 4-7)
  • f. 126v-130r Jacob of Sarug, On Uzzah when he stayed the ark of God
  • f. 130r-133r Jacob of Sarug, On David and Goliath and the mystery of the Messiah
  • f. 133r-137v Jacob of Sarug, On David and Uriah
  • f. 137v-141v Jacob of Sarug, On that which is said: "And the anger of the Lord was against Israel and he incited David" (2 Samuel 24:1)
  • f. 142r-146r Jacob of Sarug, On Hosea the prophet and his two wives
  • f. 146r-151r Jacob of Sarug, On the daughter of Jephthah (Judges 11:29-40)
  • f. 151v Colophon
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Manuscript Name: 
Vat. sir. 114
Approximate Date: 
523 CE
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