Trichur, India, Chaldean Syrian Church 00010

  • fol. 1v-180v Timothy I, Letters
    • To Shlemon, bishop of Ḥdatta, on baptism, fol. 1v-11v
    • Selected stories from the letters of Timothy I concerning baptism, fol. 11v-13v
    • To Buktišo‘ the deacon, fol. 13v-29v
    • Twenty-two letters to Sargis the Metropolitan of ‘Ilam, fol. 29v-55v
    • To Maranzka, Bishop of Nineveh, fol. 55v-59r
    • Seven letters to Sargis Rabban, fol. 60v-61v
    • To the priests and believers of Baṣra and Hublat, on the incarnation of Christ, fol. 61v-81v
    • To Nāṣēr the believer, fol. 81v-106v
    • Four letters to Sargis the teacher, fol. 106v-130r
    • To the monks of Saint Maron, fol. 130r-152r
    • To the brothers of the monastery of Mar Abraham and Mar Gabriel in Mosul, fol. 152r-168r
    • To Rabban Petion, priest and teacher, fol. 168
    • To Sargis the teacher, fol. 168v-170r
    • To Rabban Buktisho‘, fol. 170
    • Four letters to Sargis, Metropolitan of ‘Ilam, fol. 170v-174v
    • To Maranzka the teacher, fol. 174v-176r
    • Four letters to Sargis, Metropolitan of ‘Ilam, fol. 176r-179r
    • To Barsahde the Bishop, fol. 179
    • Two letters to Sargis, Metropolitan of ‘Ilam, fol. 179v-180v
  • fol. 181v-223r Timothy 1, Diputation with Caliph al-Mahdī
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Approximate Date: 
1897 CE
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