Syriac 17. Hagiographa



  • Lives of the 40 martyrs
  • History of Prince Josaphat
  • History of Jacob the Monk
  • History of Abbot Mark
  • History of a merchant and his wife
  • History of Martyr Ina
  • History of St. Phineas
  • History of Job
  • History of the Prophet Jonah
  • History of John the Evangelist
  • History of St. Gregory
  • Funeral sermon
  • History of Emperor Zeno
  • Another funeral sermon
  • History of St. Maurice the martyr
  • History of the suffering under Diocletian
  • History of Malchus of Clysma
  • History of Eugenius (Awgin) the martyr
  • History of Rabban Hormizd
  • History of Anastasius the martyr
  • History of St. Matthias
  • History of Shmuna and her children
Manuscript Name: 
Syriac 17. Hagiographa
Approximate Date: 
1612 CE
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