Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 199B (SMMJ 00199B)

See entry at CPART and in Macomber ([Macomber A]; [Macomber B]) (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 3-3; SMC 3-3). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994). Baumstark 38*(B)

  • Part A Saints' Lives 
    • f. 401r-409r Mar Abraham, the master of the Holy Mar Barsawma
    • f. 409r-412r Story of the Blessed John the Physician
    • f. 412r-414v Story of finding the True Cross (two accounts)
      • f. 412r-413r First accouth through the wife of emperor Claudius in the time of St. James
      • f. 413r-414v Discovery by Empress Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine
    • f. 414v-420v Story of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary
    • f. 420v-422v Epistle sent from St. Dionysius, Bishop of Athens, to Timothy, bishop of Ephesus on the death of Sts. Peter and Paul
    • f. 422v-433r Story of St. John the divine apostle
    • f. 433r-434r History of the Assumption of the apostle St. John
    • f. 434r-437v Story of how the head of St. John the Baptist was found in the city of Herodis
    • f. 437v-439v Story of the martyrdom of the holy Mar Ignatius of Antioch
    • f. 440v-443r Story of Clement, disciple of Simon Peter
    • f. 443v-446v Story of the martyrdom of St. Peter of Alexandria under Diocletian
    • f. 446v-452r Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium, Story of St. Athanasius of Alexandria
    • f. 452r-453v Story of Mar Jacob, bishop of Nisibis
    • f. 453v-462r Story of Mar Ephrem, doctor of the Syrians
    • f. 462r-469v Story of Helladius, bishop of Caesarea of Cappadocia
    • f. 469v-479v Story of St. John Chrysostom
    • f. 479v-484r Story of the blessed and elect Gregory Thaumaturgos
    • f. 484r-494r Story of St. Gregory, Catholicos of the Armenians
    • f. 494r-498r Story of St. Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr, and Justa (Justina) the virgin
    • f. 498r-506r Story of the martyrdom of St. Plotinus
    • f. 506r-5111r Story of the holy Mar Paul, bishop of Cnidus and of Mar John, priest of Edessa
    • f. 511r-513r Story of the Holy Mar Nicholas (also called Mar Zakhe), bishop of Myra
    • f. 513r-524r Story of Mar Abhai, Bishop of Nicca, revised by Mar Michael, Patriarch of Antioch in Syria
    • f. 524v-526v Epistle sent by Mar Severus of Antioch when he was expelled by Chalcedonian hypocrites
    • f. 526v-527r Story of the holy Mar Jacob of Sarug
    • f. 527r-533r Story of the holy Mar Jacob Burd'oyo (Baradaeus)
    • f. 533r-545v The Story of Mar John of Tella
    • f. 545v-547r Story of Bishop Addai, perfect in the fear of God
    • f. 547r-564v Story of St. Theodotus, Bishop of Amida
    • f. 564v-566v Stories of the holy martyrs before Emperors
    • f. 566v-570v Story of Placidus, surnamed Eustathius, his wife and his children
    • f. 570v-574r Story of the martyrdom of the forty holy martyrs of Sebaste under Emperor Decius
    • f. 574r-578v Story of the martyrdom, confession, and resurrection of Ss. Maximianus, Iamblichus, Martellus, Dionysius, Serapion, Aksaqastarinus, and Antoninus, the confessors of Ephesus. 
    • f. 578v-582r Story of the blessed George, the famous martyr
    • f. 582r-585v Story of St. James Intercissus
    • f. 585v-590r Story of the martyrdom of the two saints, Sergius and Bacchus
  • Part B Saints' Lives
    • f. 590r-599r Story of the Holy Mar John of Kafar Sanya
    • f. 599r-604r Story of the martyrdom of the seven martyrs of Samosata in the reign of Emperor Maximianus
    • f. 604r-609v Story of St. Pantalcon
    • f. 609v-612v Story of the Blessed Romanus
    • f. 612v-624v Story of St. Lawrence and the noble Mar Agrippa 
    • f. 624v-631v Story of the blessed Himyarites, their martyrdom in the city of Najrān
    • f. 631v-635v Story of Shemun and Gurya
    • f. 635v-638v Story of the Deacon, St. Habīb, the blessed martyr
    • f. 638v-642r Story of the martyrdom of St. Pappus and his 24,000 companions
    • f. 642r-646v Story of the martyrdom of Christopher the Barbarian and those with him
    • f. 646v-648v Story of the martyrdom of Mar Cyriacus and Julitta, his mother
    • f. 648v-651v Story of the martyrdom of the Holy Mar Mamas, his father, Theodotus, and his wife, Rufina
    • f. 651v-657r Story of the martyrdom of 'Abd al-Masīh, from the city of Sinjar
    • f. 657r-662r Story of the martyrdom of Mar Pethion
    • f. 662r-669r Story of the martyrdom of Mar Theodore
    • f. 669r-672r Stories of holy women, martyrs who suffered with fortitude for the sake of Christ
    • f. 672r-675r Second story of St. Onesima, daughter of emperors
    • f. 675r-677v Story of the holy virgins instructed by Anba Daniel, abbot and guide of Scete
    • f. 677v-684r Story of St. Eupraxia
    • f. 684v-689r Story of St. Hilaria, daughter of Emperor Zeno
    • f. 689r-693r Story of St. Euphrosyne of Alexandria (called Smaragdus)
    • f. 693r-694r Story of St. Maria, called Marina
    • f. 694r-695v Story of a blessed virgin (possibly St. Lucy/Lucia)
    • f. 695v-698r Story of the blessed Susanna
    • f. 698rv Story of a virgin who fell and repented 
    • f. 698v-703r The story of Blessed Mary the Egyptian
    • f. 703r-709v Story of St. Pelagia
    • f. 709v-714v Series of stories of women martyrs (first the story of Thecla, disciple of the Apostle Paul)
    • f. 714v-716r The Story of the martyr Barbara and blessed Juliana
    • f. 716r-718r Story of the martyrdom of the blessed blissful Mary
    • f. 719r-723r Story of the martyrdom of the three virgins, Faith, hope, and Charity, and their mother, Sophia from Rome
    • f. 723r-729v Story of the martyrdom of the blessed nun and martyr, Eugenia
    • f. 729v-737r Story of the martyrdom of Febronia
    • f. 737r-750r Story of the martyrdom of the blessed Stratonike and her fiancé, Scisucus
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SMMJ 00199B
Approximate Date: 
1734 CE
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