Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 49 (SMMJ 00049)

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-9; SMC 2-9); Catalog entry in Baumstark 18*. Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • f. 1v-139v Anonymous, Lections gathered from the four gospels with commentaries. 
  • f. 140r-171v Pragsha, that is, a book that is a sort of collection of commentaries and discourses and canons of the Fathers 
    • f. 140r-144r Chapter 1, That God is eternal, pre-existent, invisible and omnipotent
    • f. 144rv Chapter 2, On the construction of the earthly church
    • f. 144v-145r Chapter 3, Concerning the eucharistic bread and wine
    • f. 145r-156r Chapter 4, Explanation of the office and the mass
    • f. 156r-157v Chapter 5, Concerning the priesthood
    • f. 157v-162r Chapter 6, On priests, deacons and penance
    • f. 162r-164r Chapter 7, concerning prayer
    • f. 164r-170r Translation of what has been mentioned in this chapter from Syriac and Arabic. A translation of the Sanctus and Trisagion, with commentary of the Fathers
    • f. 170r-171r On first fruits, votive offerings and tithes
  • f. 171r-197r A miscellany of stories, homilies, and short treatises 
    • f. 171r-172v The story of a merchant. This is an edifying tale of a God-fearing merchant who had a very beautiful wife.
    • f. 172v-174v A delightful portrayal from one of the authorities
    • f. 174v-177v A parable that the doctors of the Church set forth on the interpretation of the gospel. It is a story about a certain jeweler
    • f. 177v-183v St. Jacob of Sarug, Homily on charity
    • f. 183v-192v Anonymous, Discourse on Sunday
    • f. 193r-195v The commandments that our Lord ordered in his holy Gospel, there are 99
    • f. 195v-197r Seven prayers that are prescribed for us
  • f. 197r-222r Book of homilies delivered by Severus, more commonly known as Moshe bar Kepha 
    • f. 197r-201r First homily, on the consecration of the Church and her renewal
    • f. 201r-207r Second homily, On when the angel brought the good news to the priest Zechariah about the birth of John (the Baptist)
    • f. 207r-212r Third homily, On the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the holy and pure St. Mary
    • f. 212r-217v Homily on the temptation by Satan of our Lord Jesus Christ
    • f. 217v-221r Homily on the leper whom our Lord cured of the affliction of leprosy
    • f. 221r-222r Homily read on the first Sunday of the blessed Fast
Manuscript Name: 
SMMJ 00049
Approximate Date: 
1600 CE
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