St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-6

See entry at CPART and in Macomber. Baumstark 10.

  • f. 1r-220v Syrian Orthodox Missal (Fenqitho of anaphoras, that is, liturgies, of all the orthodox doctors that are well approved and faithful)
    • f. 1r-3r Lections for evening mass (of the Saturday) of Good News
    • f. 3v Index of anaphoras
    • f. 4rv Prayer of offertory (ܩܘܪܒܐ)
    • f. 4v-5v Prayer of final blessing (ܚܘܬܡܐ)
    • f. 5v-7r Another final blessing in the meter of St. Ephrem
    • f. 7r-8v Another of Mar Jacob of Sarug
    • f. 8v Prayer of the Saturday of Good News that is substituted for that of peace of the anaphora
    • f. 9r Hymn that is chanted at the time when the divine mysteries are distributed
    • f. 9v-21v The Sedros  of Entry (Solemn prayers of incense that are said at the beginning of the mass of the faithful, where formerly there was the entry procession of the gifts) before the anaphora, with the lections of the Apostle and Gospel.
    • f. 21v-28r Lections for the Thursday of the Mysteries
    • f. 28v-197v The anaphoras
      • f. 28v-32v Anaphora of St. James, the brother of our Lord
      • f. 32v-35v Anaphora of St. John the Evangelist
      • f. 35v-39r Anaphora of St. Mark the Evangelist
      • f. 39r-44r Anaphora of St. Clement, disciple of the Apostle Peter
      • f. 44v-50v Anaphora of St. Ignatius, disciple of the Evangelist John
      • f. 50v-56r Anaphora of St. Dionysius of Athens, disciple of Paul
      • f. 56v-63v Anaphora of Athanasius of Alexandria
      • f. 63v-71r Anaphora of St. Basil of Caesarea
      • f. 71v-79r Anaphora of St. Gregory the Theologian
      • f. 79r-84v Anaphora of St. John Chrysostom
      • f. 84v-89v Anaphora of St. Celestine, Pope of Rome
      • f. 89v-95v Anaphora of St. Cyril, Pope of Alexandria
      • f. 95v-101r Liturgy of St. Dioscorus the Great, Pope of Alexandria
      • f. 101v-108v Anaphora of St. Timothy of Alexandria
      • f. 108v-114v Liturgy of St. Severus of Antioch
      • f. 114v-123r Anaphora of St. John of Bostra
      • f. 123r-129b Anaphora of St. Jacob of Sarug
      • f. 129v-138r Another Liturgy of the same St. Jacob of Sarug
      • f. 138r-143r Anaphora of Philoxenus of Mabbug
      • f. 143r-148v Anaphora of St. Jacob of Edessa
      • f. 148v-153r Liturgy of St. Peter, Patriarch of Antioch
      • f. 153r-158r Anaphora of St. Cyriacus, Patriarch of Antioch
      • f. 158v-162r Anaphora of St. Julius, Pope of Rome
      • f. 162r-163v Anaphora of St. Xystus, Pope of Rome
      • f. 164r-166v Liturgy of St. Matthew Pastor
      • f. 167r-170v Anaphora of St. Eustathius, Patriarch of Antioch
      • f. 170v-173v Another Anaphora of St. Eustathius
      • f. 174r-177v Liturgy of St. Philoxenus of Mabbug
      • f. 177r-180v Third liturgy of the same Philoxenus
      • f. 180v-185v Liturgy of St. Philoxenus, Bishop of Baghdad, who is known as La'zar Bar Shabbta
      • f. 185v-188r Liturgy of St. Thomas, Bishop of Germanicia (in other mss, Thomas of Harkel or even the apostle Thomas)
      • f. 188r-193r Liturgy of St. Marutha of Tagrit
      • f. 193r-197v Liturgy of St. Severus of Mosul, known as Moshe bar Kepha
      • f. 197r-199r Two additional sedros of entry
      • f. 199r Another huttamo prayer of blessing
      • f. 200v-217r Anaphora of St. Yohannan, Patriarch of Syria, who is also Bar Ma'dani
      • f. 217r-220v Another sedro of entry
Manuscript Name: 
SMC 2-6
Approximate Date: 
1417 CE
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