St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-5

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  • f. 1v-134r Syrian Orthodox Pontifical Ritual
    • f. 1v-2r Preface
    • f. 2r-47v The rite of the consecration of chrism
    • f. 47v-49v The prayers over the ointment of oil that is used for anointing (in baptism)
    • f. 49v-51v Other prayers over the ointment fo prayer, that is, of healing
    • f. 51v-83v The rite of the consecration of the church
    • f. 84r-98v Sequence, that is, the order of ceremonies  and rite of the consecration of altars, that is, or the tablets on the altar table
    • f. 99r-134r Oder of ceremonies of all sacerdotal and holy ordinations
      • f. 99r-105v Harangue which the high priest ought to read out to those who wish to be ordained
      • f. 105v-110v Admonition of the bishop to those being ordained
      • f. 110v-112r Responses that are chanted in the ordination of deacons, priests and bishops, that is, in every ordination
      • f. 112v-122r The rite of ordination of deacons
      • f. 122v-132r The rite of ordination of priests
      • f. 132r-134r And when the circumstances compel the bishop to ordain deacons and priests together, the custom is that there should be this common sedro
Manuscript Name: 
SMC 2-5
Approximate Date: 
1279 CE
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