St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-4

See entry at CPART and in Macomber. Baumstark 18.

  • f. 9v-192r Syrian Orthodox Pontifical Ritual
    • f. 9v-15v The Harangue (?) decreed by St. Jacob, Metropolitan of Mayāfāqīn, the city of the martyrs of Mesopotamia
    • f. 17v-22r Exhortation or instructions to priests and deacons, which the Patriarch or Metropolitan delivers before ordaining them
    • f. 22v-49v Rite of ordinations of priests and deacons
    • f. 50r-52v The rite of consecration of the oil with which those being baptized are anointed before their descent into the baptismal font
    • f. 53v-91r The consecration of altars, altar stones and sanctuaries, after the office of matins
    • f. 91v-127r The rite of ordination of high priests, or metropolitans, and bishops
    • f. 127v-169v The rite of consecration of chrism
    • f. 170r-182v Explanation of the consecration of chrism
    • f. 183r-186r Prayers of every sort
      • f. 183r When visiting the sick
      • f. 183r When the priest enters a monastery
      • f. 183v When the priest enters the houses of the faithful
      • f. 183v For youths
      • f. 183v-184r For someone who is baptized by heretics and returns
      • f. 184r For someone who is possessed by demons
      • f. 184rv That a person prays for himself when he is possessed by a demon or by any person
      • f. 184v for someone who is setting out on a journey and asks for prayer
      • f. 184v-185r what the person who is setting forth recites for himself
      • f. 185r For someone who violates his oaths repents
      • f. 185rv For the ordination of an abbot or visitor
      • f. 185v-186r For an altar place that a pagan, or barbarian, or heretic has entered and defiled
    • f. 186v-190r Prayers (of blessing recited) over the people
      • f. 186v-187v In the meter of Mar Ephrem
      • f. 187v-190r In the meter of Mar Jacob of Sarug
    • f. 191v-192r Prayer for someone who returns from captivity and has violated his profession of faith
Manuscript Name: 
SMC 2-4
Approximate Date: 
1300 CE
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