St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-11

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  • Church of the East (Chaldean) Pontifical Ritual
    • f. 1v-137v Pontifical Ritual
      • f. 1v-2r Gospel lection for the ordination of a bishop or of a catholicos
      • f. 3r Instruction concerning the wood from the which the tablitha is made
      • f. 3v-26r Catholicos Mar Isho'yahb of Adiabene, Consecration of the altar place with oil
      • f. 26v-28r Consecration of the altar place without oil
      • f. 28v Signing of the chalice before it goes up to the altar, when they are compelled to consecrate an additional chalice) on a day of great concourse.
      • f. 29rv Instruction concerning ordinations
      • f. 29v-38r Ordinations of lectors, subdeacons, and deacons
      • f. 38v-44v Rite of the ordination of priests
      • f. 44v-46v Rite of the clothing of monks
      • f. 46v-66v Rite of the tonsure of monks
      • f. 66v-77r Rite of the tonsure of women who are nuns
      • f. 77r-78v Rite of the institution of abbots
      • f. 79v-89v Rite of the ordination of bishops
      • f. 90r-93r The rite of the perfection of bishops by catholicoi. In the Church of the East (Nestorian), a bishop could be ordained by a metropolitan, but he could not exercise his full powers until he had gone to the catholicos and been perfected
      • f. 93r-106r Rite of the ordination of catholicoi
      • f. 106r-107r Rite of the ordination of the archdeacon
      • f. 107r-108r Rite when a chorbishop is appointed for a district to act like the archdeacon, who is the visitor of the villages
      • f. 108r-109v Rite of the ordination of women deaconesses
      • f. 110r-111r Rite of the ordination of a Shaharā priest
      • f. 111r-113r Mar 'Abdisho', Catholicos, Prayer that is recited, likewise a prayer of inclination, over a bishop that is translated from one see to another see
      • f. 113rv Summary of the contents of the manuscript
      • f. 115v-137r Mar Isho'yahb of Nisibis, also known as Bar Malkon, Canons of ordination
      • f. 137rv Four prayers for the reconciliation of penitent excommunicated persons: 1) For a bishop who has been degraded, 2) for seculars, 3 and 4) For anyone
Manuscript Name: 
SMC 2-11
Approximate Date: 
1554 CE
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