St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-10

See entry at CPART and In Macomber ([Macomber A]; [Macomber B]; [Macomber C])

  • Part A (14/15th century)
    • f. 1r-23v Fragments of a Syrian Orthodox missal
      • f. 1r-2v, 4rv Anaphora of St. James, with the ordinary of the mass
      • f. 4v-9v Anaphora of John the Evangelist
      • f. 9v-20v Anaphora of St. Philoxenus (of Baghdad, also known as La'zar Bar Shabbta)
      • f. 20v-23v Mar Sa'wira, Rite of the signing of the chalice of holy St. Severus of Antioch. This is a rite for consecrating additional wine for communion when the communion wine that was consecrated during mass runs short
  • ​Part B (17/18th century)
    • f. 3rv A single leaf from a Syrian Orthodox missal containing the anamnesis, epiclesis, and beginnings of the intercessions of the Anaphora of St. John the Evangelist
  • Part C (15th Century)
    • f. 24v-112v Syrian Orthodox Pontifical ritual
      • f. 24v-52v, 60rv, 54rv The book for the consecration of chrism
        • f. 24v-25v Confection of the anointing oil for chrism
        • f. 25v-27v Preparation for the ceremony
        • f. 27v-52v, 60rv, 54rv The rite of the consecration of chrism
      • f. 55r-56v Prayer (recited) Over the anointing oil intended for anointing (those being baptized). Candidates for baptism have their entire bodies anointed with oil just before they are plunged into the font.
      • f. 57r-59v, 53rv, 61r-64v Rite of the ordination of deacons
      • f. 65r-70v Rite of the ordination of priests
      • f. 71r-74r End of the treatise on chrism (Garshuni)
      • f. 74r-79v Rite of the consecration of a church
      • f. 80r-82v End of the bishop's exhortation to those ordained to the priesthood (Garshuni)
      • f. 82v Prayer of the faithful for the priests and deacons who have been ordained (Garshuni)
      • f. 83r-84v Rite of the holy habit of Abba Antonius, which has been translated from the Egyptian language into Syriac
      • f. 84v-85r Rite of the prayer for the consecration of the furniture of the sanctuary and the altar and the vestments that the priest wears at Mass
      • f. 85r-98r Rite of the tonsure of monks according to the tradition of Mount Urhay
      • f. 98r Prayer recited over those who are putting on the garments of the ministry
      • f. 98r-100r Exhortation delivered by one of the saints; it is read to the monks at their clothing (Garshuni)
      • f. 100r-103v Rite of the tonsure of nuns when they are presented for the holy habit of monasticism
      • f. 103v-112v Order, that is, sequence of ceremonies of the consecration of altars, that is, of the tablets on the altar table
Manuscript Name: 
SMC 2-10
Garshuni, Syriac
Approximate Date: 
1400 CE
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