Saint Mark's Monastery, Jerusalem MS 51 (SMMJ 00051)

See entry at CPART and in Macomber (St. Mark's Convent, Jerusalem 2-1; SMC 2-1). Filoksinos Yohanna Dolabany, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in St. Mark’s Monastery (1994).

  • f. 1r-222v [Fenqitho] Hymnary for Sundays and feasts, for the Fast and for commemorations
    • f. 1r-4v Nativity
    • f. 4v-11v Mother of God
    • f. 11v-17r (Mt. 2:16-18)
    • f. 17r-20v Saints Basil and Gregory
    • f. 20b-27b Epiphany
    • f. 27v-42v Sundays after Epiphany
    • f. 42v-47v Beheading of John the Baptist
    • f. 47v-52r St. Stephen
    • f. 52r-58r [Presentation of Christ in the Temple]
    • f. 58v-61v St. Barsauma
    • f. 61v-66r St. Severus of Antioch
    • f. 66r-69r Sunday before the Fast, the Sunday of the Priests
    • f. 69r-127r Sundays and weekdays of the Fast. 
      • f. 77r-78r St. Ephrem
      • f. 115v-124v Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
      • f. 124v-127r Raising of Lazarus
    • f. 127r-131r Palm Sunday
    • f. 131r-135v Monday through Wednesday of Passion Week
    • f. 135v-145r Thursday of Passion Week, including ff. 144r-145r, the service of footwashing
    • f. 145r-148v Friday of Passion Week
    • f. 148v-151r Saturday of Good Titings
    • f. 151r-155v Easter Sunday [Pascha]
    • f. 155v-180v Eastertie liturgy in the other seven tones
    • f. 180v-184r New Sunday
    • f. 184r-187v Ascension Thursday
    • f. 187v-191v Pentecost
    • f. 191v-194r Holy Cross
    • f. 194r-195v The Prophet Elijah
    • f. 195v-197v The Apostle Thomas
    • f. 197v-198r The Apostles in common
    • f. 198r-201r St. Jacob of Sarug
    • f. 201r-203r Saints Sergius and Bacchus
    • f. 203r-205r St. Barbara
    • f. 205r-207v St. George
    • f. 207v-210r Patron Saint
    • f. 210r-213v Common office of the Mother of God, the Saints and the departed
    • f. 213v-222v Common offices in the other seven tones
Manuscript Name: 
SMMJ 00051
Approximate Date: 
900 CE
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