Sinai Syr. 16

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  • ff. 1-86 Lives of the Egyptian Fathers
  • ff. 87-93 Life of the Holy Nilus the Anchorite
  • ff. 93-105 The Apology of Aristides on behalf of the Christians
  • ff. 105-112 A discourse of Plutarch on the advantage to be derived from one's enemies
  • ff. 112-121 A discourse of Pythagoras
  • ff. 121-126 A discourse of Plutarch about asceticism
  • ff. 126-132 A discourse of Plutarch about anger
  • ff. 132-140 A discourse of Lucian that we should not readily believe slander against our friends
  • ff. 140-143 Discourse of a Philosopher about the Soul
  • ff. 151-214 Mar John the Anchorite, Commentary on Ecclesiastes
  • ff. 214 ad finem; John Chrysostom, Commentaries on Matthew
Manuscript Name: 
Sinai Syr. 16
Approximate Date: 
600 CE
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