Sachau 176; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 57

See entry for Sachau 176; Continuation of Sachau 175

  • f. 175v-182v Narsai, Memra for Holy Thursday [Continued from Sachau 175]
  • f. 183r-190r Narsai, Another memra on the administration of the Messiah which is in body and on His passion and crucifixion
  • f. 190v-198v Narsai, Another memra on the thief and it is said on Holy Week
  • f. 199r-208r Narsai, Memra on the mysteries of the church and on Baptism
  • f. 208v-217r Narsai, Memra on the Great Sunday of the Resurrection
    • f. 208v-215r Memra
    • f. 215v-217r Sogitha between the Cherub and Thief
  • f. 217v-230r Narsai, Memra on the Friday of the confessors
    • f. 217v-228r Memra
    • f. 228v-230r Sogitha between the kings and martyrs
  • f. 230v-239r Narsai, Memra on Hannaniah, and Azariah, and Mishael
  • f. 239v-246v Narsai, Memra on the day of the Ascension o four Lord to heaven
  • f. 247r-255r Narsai, Memra on the feast day of pentecost
  • f. 255v-261v David Scholasticus, Memra on the discovery of the cross
  • f. 263r-269r David Scholasticus [?], Memra for the consecration of the church
  • f. 269r-270r Colophon
Manuscript Name: 
Sachau 176; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin 57
Approximate Date: 
1881 CE
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