Saints' Lives and Martyrologies

Sinai Syr. 82

See entry in Lewis

  • Acts of Pilate
  • Anaphora of Pilate and a correspondence between Pilate and Herod
  • The story of Euphemia
  • The story of the 40 martyrs
  • The acts of Matthew and Andrew
  • Questions and Responses

Sinai Syr. 30

  • See entry in Lewis
  • Palimpsest. Underwriting:
    • ff. 1-21 On the Holy Lady, Thecla
    • ff. 21-52 On the Blessed Eugenia and her father, Philip
    • ff.53-69 Acts of the discipleship of Pelagia
    • ff. 69-76 The Blessedy Mary [Marinus]
    • ff. 76-84 The story of Euphrosyne of Alexandria
    • ff. 84-92 The story of Onesimus


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