Rite of Ordination

Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi (DIYR 00202)

  • Week-day Service
  • Prayers
  • Celebration of Good Friday when the Cross is carried out
  • Evening service of Easter
  • Morning celebration for Easter Monday
  • Celebrations for Our Lady, the Cross, the saints and the deceased
  • Rite of ordination of deacons
  • Eastern Ordination Rite
  • Two Sedrē
  • Sogitha on the church that was built by the Apostle Addai and King Abgar
  • Sogitha on wine drinking and banquet
  • Gregory bar 'Ebrōyō, Selection from a homily
  • Ephrem Syrus, Testimony on moral instruction

Mardin, Turkey Chaldean Cathedral (CCM 00402)

  • f. 1v-55r Gewargis Warda, 'Onyatha for the Rogation of the Ninevites and on penitence (Syriac)
  • f. 55r-56v 'Abdisho' bar Brīkā, Dismissal prayers in Strophes (Syriac)
  • f. 57v-66v 'Onyatha from the life of Rabban Hormizd (Syriac)
  • f. 67r-68v Service for a blessing of the months (Syriac)
  • f. 69r-74v Hymns (Syriac)
  • f. 75r-80v Hymns for New Sunday (Syriac)
  • f. 80v-86v Dismissal Prayers (Syriac)
  • f. 87r-92r Service for a blessing of the months (Syriac)


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