Biblical Commentary

Vat. sir. 229

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Song for the Virgin Mary
  • Medical secrets
  • Difficult points in the Syriac four gospels
  • Syriac-Arabic Lexicon
  • Prooemia of the Epistles
  • Names of the 12 signs of the Zodiac
  • Medical secrets

Vat. sir. 211

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • Apocryphal revelation according to St. John after the ascension of our Lord on the final judgment
  • Questions and Responses
  • Questions and Responses between a disciple and his master, on Christ the Lord
  • Questions and Responses between a disciple and his master, about the Sacrament of confession
  • Profession of the Christian faith

Vat. sir. 187

Catalog entry in Assemani

  • 'Abdisho' of Nisibis, Interpretation of the 'Onyatha of Simeon of Sancalabar
  • Exposition of the obscure places in the Gospels
  • Exposition on certain places in Genesis and Exodus
  • Etymologies of Syriac words
  • A question of Macarius the Solitary and answer of Joshua bar Nun, Patriarch of the Chaldeans
  • Questions and answers from the Scriptures from Theodore of Mopsuestia

Diyarbakir, Turkey Meryem Ana Kilisesi 58; 3/16 (DIYR 00190)

  • Gregory bar 'Ebrōyō, the Cream of Wisdom [Selections]
  • List of the Syriac and Arabic works of Bar 'Ebrōyō
  • Account of the death of bar 'Ebrōyō
  • Account of the death of bar 'Ebrōyō
  • Gregory bar 'Ebrōyō, Homily
  • List of the Patriarchs of Antioch
  • John bar Ma'dani, praises and prayers
  • John bar Ma'dani, Hymns for the Lord's feast
  • Book of guidance about the ranks of deacons
  • Collection of services
  • Jacob of Edessa, List of feasts
  • John bar Ma'dani, On our God who became man on behalf of us


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