Biblical Commentary

Vat. sir. 578

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  • f. 1r-6v Anonymous, Commentary on Genesis
  • f. 7r-29r Anonymous, Commentary on Exodus
  • f. 29r-41r Anonymous, Commentary on Leviticus
  • f. 41r-59v Anonymous, Commentary on Numbers
  • f. 59v-80r Anonymous, Commentary on Deuteronomy
  • f. 80v-96v Anonymous, Commentary on Wisdom of Solomon
  • f. 96v-101r Anonymous, Commentary on Ecclesiastes
  • f. 101v-103r Anonymous, Commentary on Ruth
  • f. 103r-104v Anonymous, Commentary on Song of Solomon
  • f. 104v-114r Anonymous, Commentary on Ben Sira

Vat. sir. 510

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  • f. 1r-4r Annotations on the two genealogies of Christ and on the texts of Matthew and Luke which record them
  • f. 4v-5r Table comparing the two genealogies of Christ and remarks attributed to Theodore of Mopsuestia
  • f. 5v-270v Peshitta New Testament
    • f. 5v-43v Matthew
    • f. 43v-67r Mark
    • f. 67r-106v Luke
    • f. 106v-137v John
    • f. 137v-180v Acts of the Apostles
    • f. 180v-185r James
    • f. 185r-189v 1 Peter
    • f. 189v-193v 1 John
    • f. 193v-210r Romans
    • f. 210r-226v 1 Corinthians


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