Vat. sir. 647

This collection of fragments from Sinai has been published in F. Rillet, "La bibliothèque de Ste-Catherine du Sinaï et ses membra disiecta: nouveau fragments syriaques à la Bibliothèque Vaticane," in R. Lavenant (a c. di), VI Symposium Syriacum 1992 (Rome, 1994): 409-418.

Vat. sir. 622

  • Binding
  • f. 1r-177v Peshitta Gospels written in gold letters
    • f. 1r-3r Blank
    • f. 3v-46r Matthew
    • f. 46r-75r Mark
    • f. 75r-129v Luke
    • f. 129v-173v John
    • f. 173v-174r Colophon
    • f. 174v-177v [Blank]
  • Binding

Vat. sir. 556

  • Binding
  • f. 1v-2v Dedication
  • f. 2v-253r Gospel Lectionary
  • f. 253r-254v In memory of John of the monastery of Busnaya
  • f. 254v-255r Burial of the deacons
  • f. 255r-255v burial of men and children
  • f. 255v-256r Item for women
  • f. 256r-256v Lists of feasts and circumstances, and references to pericope to read at this occasion
  • f. 256v Note, dated to 1729
  • f. 257 Garshuni, prayer
  • Binding


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