Mingana Syriac 42

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  • f. 1-6r Index of lessons from the New Testament to be recited on some specified festivals
  • f. 6v-7r Additional lessons for the commemoration of the dead from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-23
  • f. 7v A spheric diagram showing the day and month of a given year of the Greeks
  • f. 8r An inscription by an owner
  • f. 8v-52r Matthew (Harklean version)
  • f. 52v-80r Mark (Harklean version)
  • f. 80v-133r Luke (Harklean version)
  • f. 133v-173v John (Harklean version)
  • f. 174r Picture of an unidentified saint
  • f. 174v-178v Epistle of St. James (Harklean version)
  • f. 178v-182r 2 Timothy (Harklean version)
  • f. 182v A quotation from the Epistle of Hebrews (Harklean version)
Manuscript Name: 
Mingana Syriac 42
Approximate Date: 
835 CE
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