Mingana Syriac 112

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  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 1v Annunciation of Zechariah
    • f. 7r Annunciation of the Virgin
    • f. 10v Birth of John the Baptist
    • f. 14v Birth of Christ (followed by a special dissertation in eighteen kephalia)
    • f. 24v Visit of the Magi
    • f. 31v Holy Innocents
    • f. 34r Epiphany (in 17 kephalia)
    • f. 44v Circumcision (in 14 kephalia)
    • f. 50r Presentation in the Temple
    • f. 51r Christ and Jonah
    • f. 51v Cause of Sunday
    • f. 52v Temptation of Christ
    • f. 54v The wood of the Cross
  • f. 55r The history of Mushe bar Kepha
  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 55v On the fast (in 20 kephalia)
    • f. 63v The leper of the Gospel
    • f. 65v On Melchizedek
    • f. 68r On Lazarus
    • f. 70v Palm Sunday (in 33 kephalia)
    • f. 80v The Eucharist (in 29 kephalia)
    • f. 88v The washing of the feet (in 16 kephalia)
  • f. 92r-107v Isho' bar Abraham bar Elijah of Melitene (Nephew of Michael I the Great), A treatise on Good Friday (in 51 kephalia)
  • Moshe bar Kepha
    • f. 107v The resurrection (in 30 kephalia)
    • f. 117v Friday of the Confessors (in 6 kephalia)
    • f. 118r The first Sunday after Easter (in 11 kephalia)
    • f. 121v Ascension (in 20 kephalia)
    • f. 124v Pentecost (in 19 kephalia, followed by another homily on the same subject)
    • f. 134v The transfiguration
    • f. 137r The decease of the Virgin
    • f. 138v Finding the True Cross (in 21 kephalia)
    • f. 148v Brazen Censer (with a quotation from Gregory Nazianzus)
    • f. 149r Consecration and dedication of the Church
    • f. 150r Baptism in general
    • f. 155r Advices concerning Baptism (in 10 kephalia)
    • f. 159v Explanation of the Liturgy 
    • f. 191r Holy Chrism (in 49 kephalia)
  • f. 202r-203r Rabban Daniel, A treatise on the difference between Holy Chrism and Eucharist
  • f. 203r Mushe bar Kepha, Another on Holy Chrism
  • f. 206v Tonsure of Monks (in 10 kephalia)
Manuscript Name: 
Mingana Syriac 112
Approximate Date: 
1905 CE
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